For today's installment of 'Guess That Fishy Phrase,' I was all by my lonesome. Everyone else stayed away from the station because of the snowstorm. It shows the level of dedication some have for the show. So I had to do the phrase myself. I took in a mouthful of water and he had to say the phrase of the day. It was the listener's job to be the first to guess the phrase.


Congrats to Vicki Martin of Caribou who correctly identified the phrase 'Frozen Motor Mayhem.' Vicki scored a 4 pack of McDonald's Filet-O-Fish gift certificates plus 2 tickets to this weekend's 'Frozen Motor Mayhem' at the Northern Maine Fairgrounds in Presque Isle.

Tune in to tomorrow's Chris O'Brien Show where you'll get your chance to 'Guess That Fishy Phrase.'
Wednesday's 'Guess That Fishy Phrase' Winner [VIDEO]

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