There are about three goals to a student who graduates from college and heads out into the workforce. Get a degree. Get a great job. Make lots of cash!

However, it normally doesn't end up that way.

Typically, a college graduate leaves the beloved campus with mounds of debt and might land a decent job that hardly pays enough to live, let alone pay off all of the student debt they've accrued.

Joe McGauley wrote an article that appeared on and highlights the college in each state that yielded the highest wage earners after graduation.

Out of all the great universities and colleges that youngsters can attend in the Pine Tree State, there is one that emerged as sending out the highest wage earners.

If you were thinking of Bates College, then you would be correct.

The research and results came from the website Zippa which showed which college in all 50 states had the highest wage earners upon completing graduation.

The University of Baltimore came in as the number one college in the Union that yielded the highest wage earners. The average graduate shows to be making right around $82,000 a year.

For those who graduated from Bates College in Maine, the average wage students were shown to have made was $75,700 annually. Not too shabby.

According to McGauley, community colleges were not figured into the equations.


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