When I was growing up in Auburn, we would often go to Pettingill Park and spend hours upon hours in the public playground. This past weekend, I went to a local playground with my friend and his young son and it dawned on my how much they have changed.

That leads to this list of things that we had in our playgrounds that you will never see in a playground of today.

1. Metal Slides. July sun, shorts and metal slides. It sure did toughen us up!
2. Asphalt. We often had a slab of asphalt with swings, see-saws, merry-go-rounds and more on top of it. What could go wrong?
3. Teetherballs. It was a volleyball on the end of a rope that hung from a pole. Guaranteed you a ball in the face!
4. Roundabouts (merry-go-rounds). One person had to stay off to the side and spin all of there friends around as fast as they could, on the asphalt, holding your breath that the whole thing wouldn't fall apart.
5. Tire Swings. I had one growing up, they are kind of relax and not really dangerous. They just kind of went away.

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