Maine is certainly no stranger to inventions. The idea of a submachine gun, as well as the first earmuffs, were invented in the Pine Tree State, but the inventions don't stop there.

According to, if you've ever picked up an order of donut holes, you can thank someone who thought to market them from Maine.

Historically, donuts didn't always have the middle knocked out of them.

They were first introduced by the Dutch, who fried the dough in hot oil, but they would not cook evenly and many times left the middle of them doughy.

Like most Mainers, they tried to figure out a solution to the problem and a solution they figured.

Actually, the solution came about by Captain Hansen Gregory, a 16-year old crewman on a lime-trading schooner, of Rockport, Maine, solved the doughy issue by simply punching a hole right in the middle of them in 1847.

As the famous broadcaster, Paul Harvey used to say, "Now you know the rest of the story."





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