Well this big news is likely to make Manchester, Maine a place to go to for fans of the popular TV show. Now there's a store we can check out just outside of Augusta on Route 202.

According to a new Facebook post, our friends from the DIY show, Maine Cabin Masters have a place where we can shop. It's called Kennebec Cabin Company. Give 'em a like a follow their page, we're sure they'd appreciate it.

 "the new business venture and headquarters for some of Maine’s most recognizable characters – Chase, Ashley, Ryan, Jedi and Dixie – The Maine Cabin Masters!"

This sounds very cool. Here's what they'll have available in the new store that's sure to be road trip worthy.

"Inside the 1850s homestead, renovated in Cabin Masters style, you’ll find the best from local artists, artisans and a growing selection of quality tools. Many of the items in our shop have been featured on previous episodes of the show, and we’ll continue to add to the collection to make KCC a unique “destination retail” stop in central Maine."

Kennebec Cabin Company via Facebook

They aren't ready to show us any pictures or video of what it looks like inside yet because the post also says,

"The store and Ashley’s design space will be featured on an upcoming episode of Maine Cabin Masters, so we don’t want to show too much of the interior just yet."

Gotta save the big reveal for the TV, right?

According to the Maine Cabin Masters website, we can go Thursdays and Fridays for limited winter hours from 10-4 starting next week on January 30.

Congratulations to these wicked famous Blimpsters on their new venture. We can't wait to get up there and check it out.


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