We brace ourselves to pay our taxes in April, but now residents in Perham, Maine are preparing themselves for what some are calling a 'massive tax increase.'

John Hedmen, of the Town of Perham, recently sent a letter out to residents of the town, notifying them that there is an 'unparalleled' property tax increase brewing from MSAD 45's preferred budget.

In the letter, Hedmen stated that the local cost to the taxpayers of Perham is set to increase to $67,147.82.

That translates into an increase in Perham's taxes of 27.66-percent.

According to the census taken in 2010, the average income among the 386 residents in Perham is approximately $35,517 annually. The last census calculated there to be about 151 households with about 105 families residing in the town.

The tax increase calculates to an additional $640 per year, per household in taxes. Not to mention business and other properties owned.

Therefore, an informational meeting with the residents of MSAD 45, which encompasses Perham, Wade, and Washburn, will be held on May 3 at 6 p.m. at Washburn Elementary School.

Hedmen is admonishing that every taxpayer attends this meeting in hopes of avoiding a massive tax increase to those in the community.

He went on to state that Perham's elected officials cannot fight this increase without the support of residents in the town and would like for all to make every effort to attend this very important meeting.

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