The leaves are changing and the views are just right at Shin Brook Falls. It's a close and easy excursion from the County to one of Northern Maine's favorite water falls.

Located in the pleasant woods of Penobscot County, only 4.5 miles from Shin Pond Village is the gorgeous Shin Falls (usually called, Shin Brook Falls).

Watch the video below and listen to the cascading water. Scroll through the pictures as it plays and you get the sensation of being there.

The water from Upper Shin Pond drops off about 50 feet to Lower Shin Pond where there is a public beach and good fishing with trout, bass and salmon. Here's a topographic Map.

The picture below has the right effects to really bring out the awe factor.

Hiking in the area is abundant along the Shin Pond Trail. It's an easy trek in some parts and has some challenges descending to the base of the falls.

The woods along the banks are great for exploring and taking in the beauty with plenty of places to stay and visit in the area.

The water flows down stream into the Seboeis River. The whole region has some spectacular scenic Maine views. Just a few miles away is Mt. Chase State Forest.

Even in the middle of winter, Shin Brook Falls is captivating.

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