If you've been thinking about grabbing some clubs and learning the sport of golf for some time, now is your time to learn for FREE.

The Houlton Community Golf Club and Vital Pathways have gotten together to give you and exceptional opportunity and any adult who wants to learn the game of golf.

The course is completely FREE and is open to the first 50 adults who sign up for, what they are calling, Golf for Life.

Golf for Life includes 5 - 1-hour group lessons that will teach you stretching, as well as warm up and how to properly hold a golf club. They also teach you how to care for the golf course, learn the golf lingo and show you how to get comfortable with a full swing.

There are good shortcuts that they can show you so you can save time while playing, show you the rules and how to keep score.

Golf clubs and balls will be provided, should you need them, at no cost to you.

For more information about this great program, contact David Grant at 538-8333.

Funds for this FREE event is sponsored by Vital Pathways, a local 501(c) 3, a non-profit charity that promotes healthy communities in the Pine Tree State.

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