There are many things that Mainer's like to drink, but there is one that many say takes the cake. One sip will remind many New Englander's of the place they call home.

If you were thinking of Moxie, then you were right. Some say that Moxie tastes like a mix of licorice and wintergreen. People who have tasted the soft drink either really like it or just don't care for it.

Dr. Augustin Thompson, originally from Union Maine, and a playwright and a civil war veteran and a homeopathic physician, wanted to come up with a cure all med that didn't contain alcohol or cocaine.

Dr. Thompson stated that the ingredient in the drink came from an unnamed, rare, South American plant that we know today as gentian root. He claimed it could prevent softening the brain, paralysis, and insomnia.

He worked at it until he came up with what is known as Moxie, named after Lt. Moxie, a man he claimed to have known. It's been billed as the first carbonated drink in America invented by Moxie Nerve Food and patented in 1885.

Moxie is not just great to drink, but you can cook with it also. Check out these recipes and see if you might try them sometime.

As you can see, there are many ways to enjoy the Pine Tree State's favorite soft drink: Moxie. Tell us ways that you have used the drink in the comments section below.


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