After a series of David Bowie tributes, the Flaming Lips took their latest homage to the Late Show With Stephen Colbert stage -- and they brought back Chewbacca, too.

Wayne Coyne and company delivered their rendition of “Space Oddity” on Colbert on Tuesday night (April 19), and true to form, the Lips frontman was decked out in a tinsel wreath and floor-length light panels while Chewbacca and a spaceman patiently sat at the stage’s fore. During the song’s breakdown, Coyne once again climbed on top of Chewie’s shoulders to finish an already unforgettable performance on a literal high note. Check it out above.

The Flaming Lips just debuted a trippy music video for their “Space Oddity” cover last week. Previously, they honored the late Bowie in an eight-song medley and at a pair of tribute concerts in New York City. (Chewie also made a cameo at the latter shows.)

Bowie passed away at the beginning of the year, just days after the release of his final album Blackstar. Earlier this month, album single "I Can't Give Everything Away" was given a moving music video.

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