Few things offer more comfort this time of year than a wood stove. Not only as a heat source but simply the nuance of prepping, starting, and maintaining a wood stove fire. I genuinely enjoy having a few wood stoves.

My wife loves the wood stove as well but she is basically challenged to get it going and keeping it going.

I have developed a full proof multi step process that I have demonstrated with for each step to ease her pain in this process. In my m ind it is as easy as, air, combustable material, and a flame to get it going. Simple , yes, easy, not always.

But I thought I would share the steps here.

Finesse Of A Wood Stove

She does not do so well lighting matches and will tell you this. Problem solved with a lighter.

Easy to start crumpled newspapers, paper bags, cardboard. Nothing earth shattering, just the first layer.

Next, put down a strike-a-fire match. My wife loves these things! Please note yoiu need to use an actual lighter but they burn for 12 minutes, that can get you over a few different lighting problems.

Next a layer of fat wood. Then kindling that I hand split for her. This part is crucial, you really need to gradually increase the size of wood, and dry is preferred.

Make sure there is a decent draft and you can add a few larger, standard size split firewood.

If you are considering a wood stove, I highly recommend them. I love to have power-horse wood stoves that crank out the BTUs, and the more asthetic window view models.

For us, a wood fire just satisfies in so many ways, it's almost primal.

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