If we thought about it long enough, we'd probably agree that there are laws on the books that probably shouldn't be there, but they are. Maine is without exception.

Our friends at Goodhousekeeping.com recently did some research and found that there are some really weird, if not stupid, laws that are still on the books in all 50 states.

According to the folks at CountryLiving.com, did you know that in Connecticut a pickle must be able to bounce? Apparently, in the 1800's, a bunch of men were selling cucumbers as pickles.

In order to make things right, legislators got together and decided that a pickle is only a pickle if it bounces. So if your pickle doesn't bounce in Connecticut, you probably shouldn't be trying to sell it because you'd be breaking the law.

Maine has her own weird law. Did you know that it is illegal to park in front of a Dunkin' Donuts? Evidently, the chain in South Berwick is a popular hangout. Therefore, in order to keep the parking lot clear for other customers, you can't just park and hang out there.

Another New England state that has a crazy law is Vermont. Apparently, it's illegal for a woman to wear fake teeth without her husband giving her permission to do so. Not sure what century this law was written and signed in, but I'm sure it was before the Women's Suffrage Movement.

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