As we all are aware, Northern Maine rocks and so do many of our businesses. One of Penobscot County's hardware stores made it in Maine's top 10!

According to our friends at, there are some really good hardware stores in the Pine Tree State. We're not sure how they measured their favorites, but Richardson's Hardware in Patton, Maine made #8 on the list.

According to their website, Richardson's Hardware has everything you'll find in a larger box store in their local store. They have everything from small tool rentals to a nursery and an animal feed department.

Many of you endeavor to shop local and enjoy your hard-earned dollars locally as well. This is another reminder of all the great businesses we have here in Maine. Let's all try and support them as best we can.

Congratulations to Richardson's Hardware for making Maine's Top 10 Best Hardware Stores in the state. We imagine you'll continue to provide great product and service for another 48 years!

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