Summer is my favorite season of the four that we experience here in Maine. I also enjoy that we do get to experience every one of the seasons in their true definition. There is no one arguing that we experience a true winter season. It drags longer than we'd like but it does eventually disappear. Spring and fall time are when we see the landscape make incredible transitions. All of that is to say that I want a longer summer!

The first turned and fallen leaves of the year have been spotted. JC/TSM

I enjoy the beauty of late September to mid-October in Aroostook County. I am fortunate enough to be travelling the County roads during the fall and the foliage is breathtaking ever year it comes around. But we haven't quite hit the month of August just yet. Last weekend, I found my first leaf that has turned color. No! Nope. NO! No. No.  


August will be a great month! If I speak it, it will become true. Right? I am certain we have many more days of pleasant weather ahead of us, but I'm not ready to entertain thoughts of "winterizing". The Red Sox are still in the playoff hunt. There are some older people reading this that probably still associate the Red Sox only being in contention in the summer. For 86 years they did not play many games in the fall season.  

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We have a lot to look forward to when the fall arrives. The kids will be back in school and all the basics can get their pumpkin spice. But for now, I am begging Mother Nature to just let us enjoy a little more summer!  

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