United Way Invites Citizens to 'Stuff the Bus'
From now until August 7th, Aroostook County citizens are invited to take part in the annual “Stuff the Bus” event coordinated by United Way of Aroostook by donating basic school supplies to students in Aroostook County.
Top Eight Employers In Maine
The unemployment rate in Maine is at 4 percent, compared to the national 4.9 percent rate. While jobs have been lost in many paper mills, there are plenty of jobs out there. Let's take a look at the eight largest employers in Maine.
Taste the Fryeburg Fair Any Old Time, Deep Fried Twinkies!
I knock myself out on deep fried goodies once a year at the Fryeburg Fair where I look forward to visiting this food truck, and the chickens with the fluffy feet. While Halloween shopping at our Scarborough Wal Mart, an end display freezer case caught my eye...
Back to School With Whitesnake at Walmart! [VIDEOS]
Usually back to school commercials have me groaning and rolling my eyes. Not this one! I have the dull remnants of a Whitesnake buzz still moving through my system, thanks to their show on the Maine State Pier recently. Now I find myself in the awkward position of being jealous of these childre…