Does This Chunk Of Ice Look Like Maine To You? [PICS]
Yesterda a great day to be outside. It was warm, the sun was shinning, it finally feels like spring in Maine. I spent most of the day grilling and breaking up ice from my deck when one particular piece caught my eye. As I chipped away at the ice this piece broke off and I couldn't help but think it looks a lot like the shape of Maine...
Spring in Maine Will Soon Look Like This Again [VIDEO]
With this weekends storm dampening the spring thoughts of Mainers across the state, I thought now would be a good time to remind you that warmer days are coming. Soon Maine will be back to beautiful spring scenes like this. Green grass, trees and flowers in bloom, the return of late night bonfires, and just being outdoors...
Science Center Open House
Love science? How about learning new things? You can do just that, right in our own backyard! Check out the Francis Malcolm Science Center Spring Open House on Saturday, May 30th from 11:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.
2015 Flood Photos
The Spring thaw is in full swing and is showing no mercy. River flooding is a real possibility that could affect many people who live and work along waterways in Northern Maine and Western New Brunswick. We've been scouring social media and wanted to share come of the thing Spring 2015 flooding images that people are posting. Have a look.
River Watch N.B.
It's safe to say that the Spring thaw is on in most parts of Maine and New Brunswick with temperatures expected to be in the mid 40s Fahrenheit or right around 6C to finish out the week. According to Environment Canada, some rain fall is expected for much of New Brunswick over the next couple of days, with some areas being hit harder than others; especially parts in southern New Brunswick. Read Mo

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