Schools in Carleton County to Have Extended March Break
With the opening of two new schools in New Brunswick, some students in Carleton County will not be heading back to class today after March break.
March break will be extended by three days for students from Debec and Southern Carleton Elementary as teachers and staff make the move to the new school i…
High School Kid Plays ‘Cliffs of Dover’ [VIDEO]
I started playing guitar in high school. I really only learned enough so I could write songs. I always wanted to play like Eddie Van Halen or Joe Satriani or Eric Johnson, but I was okay with the fact that it would probably never happen. The kid in this video will be turning away dates to the prom, …
School Kids Cover Tool [VIDEO]
I was in a band in high school. We were not good. Not good at all. I'm still in a band and we're 'the okayest band in the world.' I wish there was a music school around when I was a kid because I think I'd be a lot better than I am today. The kids in this video are unreal.
Middle School Recital Fail [VIDEO]
You know when you're in Junior High and you've suddenly got hair growing in places that the grownups forgot to tell you about? Or you wake up in the morning and your little sister is playing connect the dots on your face? It's an awkward stage already, even before you decide you want …

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