Police I.D. Subject
** - Thanks to the public's help, the male subject has been identified in record time.
On Sunday evening, the Houlton Police Department asked the public for some help.
This time, the police department is asking people to help them identify the male subject pictured in this surveillance photo. Ca…
As Carly Simon's classic song is rolling through my head I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that the word 'Selfie' is now in the Oxford Dictionary.  How's that song go again?
Happy ‘Stop Alec Baldwin Day’!
Looking for a good cause to make up for all that Labor Day weekend debauchery? Well, today is StopAlec Baldwin Day! And it’s just the kind of lazy do-goodery that anybody can get behind — you don’t have to rake any leaves or anything! Intrigued? We&CloseCurlyQuo…