Heavy Metal Construction Company [VIDEO]
We can all appreciate those who throw themselves into their work. After all, they say to do what you love and you'll never 'work' a day in your life, right?! Get a load of these housing contractors; or should we say demolition crew?. Would you let them work on your next project?
Iconic Actor to Release Metal EP [VIDEO]
Okay, remember when Pat Boone decided to do a 'heavy' metal album. Yeah, no one else does either. File this in the 'why in the world?' folder, but famed British actor Sir Christopher Lee is releasing a metal EP about Don Quixote?
Metal Cover of Pharrell's 'Happy' [VIDEO]
I'm a fan of all music, not just rock. I have to admit that Pharrell Williams big hit 'Happy' is infectious. Like anything though, it gets old pretty quick. I really did like the song the first 100 times I heard it, no disrespect Mr. Pharrell. I mean Mr. Williams. I mean Mr. 'Man…