The 'Metal' Code
This one is for all of you computer programmers out there. All of those "1's and 0's" have to get old every once in a while. What if you could make your binary conversation rock hard?
Bang Your Head!
We can all appreciate those who throw themselves into their work. After all, they say to do what you love and you'll never 'work' a day in your life, right?! Get a load of these housing contractors; or should we say demolition crew?. Would you let them work on your next project?
Actor Goes Metal
Okay, remember when Pat Boone decided to do a 'heavy' metal album. Yeah, no one else does either. File this in the 'why in the world?' folder, but famed British actor Sir Christopher Lee is releasing a metal EP about Don Quixote?
Rockin' 'Happy'
I'm a fan of all music, not just rock. I have to admit that Pharrell Williams big hit 'Happy' is infectious. Like anything though, it gets old pretty quick. I really did like the song the first 100 times I heard it, no disrespect Mr. Pharrell. I mean Mr. Williams. I mean Mr. 'Man…
O'Brien's Grammy Recap
Did you watch the Grammy Awards last night? I did. There are areas in which I adore the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), which is the governing and voting body for the Grammys. Then there are areas where I ask WTH...