NMCC Donation
A  Presque Isle couple has made a significant, seven-figure gift to Northern Maine Community College in the form of a Charitable Remainder Trust.
Valentine's Gift?
Valentine's Day is a low-key affair at my house because I'm pretty affectionate with my wife on a regular basis. It's usually pretty simple - flowers, chocolates, a dinner out, or even a massage and a nap. You'd be surprised what a great gift that is, or at least that's what she tells me.
GHCA Receives $220,000
The Greater Houlton Christian Academy has received a gift of $220,000. This is the largest gift GHCA has received in its entire 29 year history.
The Best Mother’s Day Gift is You!
Okay I’ll admit it; I talk to my mother at LEAST every other day.  No, I don’t call her.  She calls me.  Unless I need her to watch the kids, then I call her.  Am I a crappy son?  Probably, but I’m also realistic.  Those apron strings were cut long ago and it’s my Mom who won’t let go, and that’s okay with me.