bob marley

Is Maine’s Bob Marley Falling For the Southern Hospitality of South Carolina?
Our dear friend Mr, Bob Marley is the King of Maine. And as King, we believe that he should rarely travel anywhere outside of his kingdom here in New England. He is a treasure that should be protected at all costs! We recently saw that Bobby was in South Carolina visiting some friends. Now, the situation down in the South is that everyone seems and talks REALLY friendly. Much more so than up here. And I think all that friendliness is kinda freaking Bob Marley out.
Maine’s Bob Marley Friggin’ Roasts The Jeff Bezos Spaceshot
Our great friend Bob Marley had us absolutely rolling in the studios today when we saw this video of him talking about the Jeff Bezos trip to "outta space" Now, Bobby makes fun of everybody (including us) so don't get all upset if you're a big Bezos or Amazon fan. Bob made some good points in this short video. It's 4 minutes or so....about the length of the entire Bezos flight!