Since reopening after being closed for several months during the COVID-19 pandemic, Oxford Casino Hotel & Event Center has had to make a lot of changes. Things like self serve beverage dispensers no longer being available and the hard working staff constantly and meticulously cleaning and sanitizing surfaces.

Slots have been the only games available to play since the opening, with players spaced apart to maintain social distancing, but one of the things a lot of players have missed are the table games like Blackjack, and poker games. Now Oxford Casino has brought back a limited number of these games with a new look to them to help reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19.

In a post on their Facebook page, Oxford Casino Hotel & Event Center announced the return of three games, two tables of Blackjack, and one each of 3 Card Poker and Mississippi Stud. The photo of the new look of the tables shows the dealer wearing a mask with table space separated by Plexiglas. The dealer is behind plexi with an open space at the bottom of the plexi to allow bets to be made. The three seats for players are also separated by plexi.

Oxford Casino Hotel and Event Cetner via Facebook
Oxford Casino Hotel and Event Cetner via Facebook

The tables are in a zone at the casino that only allows 50 people in it at any one time, whether seated playing a game or standing. Staff at these tables all go through new training on how to deal games while dealing with the pandemic. If you're looking for a low limit table game you may be out of luck since there are a limited number of tables.

When asked by a person in the comments on Facebook if the casino would be using a smaller deck since only three players are allowed at a time, the answer was that the size of the deck would remain the same.

More table games are planned to be added in the coming weeks including Mini-Baccarat, Ultimate Texas Hold’em and more Blackjack tables. Craps and Roulette are not planned at this time, due to COVID restrictions. The nature of these games would make it difficult to maintain social distancing.

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