With several days down in the 2014 moose hunt, hunters seem to be fairing well, especially in Aroostook County.

I stopped by Ben's Trading Post in Presque Isle Friday morning to see a parking lot full of happy hunters! There were several harvested moose waiting to be weighed on the backs of pickups and trailers, with some weighing in at close to 800 pounds.

Jolene Wallace - TSM
Jolene Wallace - TSM
Jolene Wallace

The first session of Maine's annual moose hunt will close on Saturday. The next moose hunting sessions run from October 13th to 18th, November 3rd to 8th, and November 3rd to 29th. There is also a resident-only day on November 1st.

More than 50,000 people applied for moose permits. State officials say the state had 76,000 moose in 2012 and is now closer to 65,000.

Did you get your moose this year?