A study released on Thursday says that Americans are fatter than ever before and drastic steps need to be taken before it's too late. Nine states in the country now have adult obesity rates that top 35%, up from seven states back in 2019. And if that doesn't hit close enough to home for you, the report shows that Maine has officially taken over as the fattest state in New England.

close-up fat man of waist and big abdomen

According to NewsCenterMaine, the study done by Trust for America's Health showed that Maine's adult obesity rate sits at 30.4%, nearly a full percentage point above New Hampshire who's the second most obese state in New England. But if you're looking for disparity in New England, look no further than the difference between Maine and Massachusetts, Maine sits at an obesity rate of 30.4% while Massachusetts is at 25.7%.

Being overweight or obese carries a ton of additional risks that could lead to substantial health problems including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and more. The report suggested that increased regulation of sugary drinks should be considered as well as an adjustment in government programs helping low income families eat. And of course, the report suggests that Americans need to think about being more active in their lifestyle to avoid weight gain.

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