It seems more and more that women are coming out and talking about their postpartum depression after childbirth. But new research shows it's not just women anymore.

Jared Hafter, who is now a dad says that having a child is a big adjustment for daddy's as well as mommies.

Traditionally, women have been the ones to go through PPD, or postpartum depression after having a child and many still do.

A new study shows that there is science to prove that daddy's go through the 'baby blues' along with their wives.

According to Assistant Professor of Psychology at USC, Darby Saxbe, men have about twice the risk of depression in the first months following the birth of a child, then other times in their lifespan.

Dr. Saxbe also said that men who had lower testosterone also reported higher levels of depressive symptoms. She was part of the research team that found hormones are linked to depression.

The study involved both animals and humans and the result of the find was that males with lower testosterone spent more time with their children and the mothers, in turn, were much happier.

However, another father by the name of Jay said that there is nothing depressing or blue about being the father of his two-year-old twins. He's not buying the facts found in the research and stated that taking care of his kids is a very joyful job and says life is more fun too.

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