It looks like Maine's own Stephen King has taken to Twitter about his stance on the invasion of Ukraine by Russia’s Putin.

King's Stance on Where He Stands

Stephen King went to Twitter on Monday to show his support for Ukraine, posting a picture of himself with a design on his T-shirt that shared his sentiment during this conflict.

On his Twitter page he posted a picture of himself with the description 'I don't usually post pictures of myself, but today is an exception.' The picture posted with the message included Stephen king in blue jeans, a baseball cap, and a black t-shirt shirt saying I stand with Ukraine in blue and yellow print, the colors of the Ukraine flag.

Mainer's React to The European Conflict with Support for Ukraine

Back in King's home state of Maine, there have been many people supporting Ukraine in this time of heightened violence and war on this Eastern European country.

To show opposition to Russia, Maine's own Governor Janet Mills has asked the State Liquor and Lottery Commission to delist Russian-made spirits as well as call on local distributors and restaurants in the state to stop selling Russian vodka while signing a proclamation on Monday declaring solidarity with the country of Ukraine.

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Mainer's Sharing Ukraine Support On Social Media

Mainers on social media have been sharing their support for Ukraine on social media by changing profile frames and posting their own thoughts. Bangor‘s television stations FOX22 and ABC7 have shown their support for Ukraine by temporarily changing their logo to match the colors of the Ukraine flag.

It's hard to watch powerlessly half a world away, but we Mainers will continue to keep those suffering in our thoughts.

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