Both Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One keep difficult tasks, to dance around events of the original Star Wars without disturbing them. Rebels in particular came dangerously close with Ezra’s discovery of Obi-Wan Kenobi, but as producer Dave Filoni explains, no one will go looking for the Clone Wars general just yet.

You’re warned of full spoilers for Star Wars Rebels Season 3 from here on out, but Obi-Wan’s final words to Darth Maul weren’t the only points of confusion from penultimate episode “Twin Suns.” A great many fans also wondered whether Ezra shared with the Ghost crew (particularly Rex) that Obi-Wan Kenobi was indeed alive and well, though Filoni tells IGN that the young Jedi thought better of it:

I think for me, Ezra has just gotten to a point where he’s maturing and he’s smart. I think young, brash Era from Season 1 or 2 might have come back and said, ‘You guys are all wrong! Obi-Wan is alive.’ But the experience of Ezra on the planet Tatooine, burning through the desert, freezing through the night, and his discussion with Obi-Wan… While he doesn’t know why Obi-Wan is there, he pretty much understands that no one should know that Obi-Wan is there and by kind of revealing that Obi-Wan was there to Maul, he almost caused a big problem.

In particular, Filoni pointed to several deleted moments that saw both Ezra declaring Obi-Wan’s role in the story over, as well as Kanan, Hera and Zeb lamenting that their family dynamic had grown apart with Ezra and Sabine off on their own. Ezra’s return and re-commitment to the team capped off that thread, while Filoni adds “the short answer is that Ezra is just probably smart enough now to know not to say things.”

The events of Rogue One would suggest that knowledge of Obi-Wan remains scarce until A New Hope, but might that mean Ezra takes his encounter to the grave? Could Star Wars Rebels Season 4 explain what became of Kanan and Ezra before Luke and Obi-Wan arrived on the scene?

Stay tuned for the latest from Star Wars Celebration and beyond.

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