You know it's really easy to write about the latest bad news. It's everywhere around us. It's much harder to write about the good news, as it is more difficult to find. I want to share with you the best news you will read today, and if you find a better news story than this please share it with me! We all need to read the good news, as it refreshes our souls.

There are 2 extraordinary athletes who are running cross country this fall. They are extraordinary for very different reasons but are now forever intertwined in my heart, for a very simple and heartwarming gesture.

First, there's Ruth White. Ruth is a sophomore at Orono High School. She's an unbelievable runner. She hasn't lost a meet this year and has demolished course records. She won the Festival of Champions race at Belfast on October 2 and has to be the favorite to win the State of Maine Championship later this month. At the Ellsworth Invitational back during the 1st Saturday of September, she blew away the competition and then stayed at the chute clapping and encouraging the rest of the runners as they finished the race.

Ruth White Photo Chris Popper

Then there's Noah Carver. Noah attends Washington Academy. He is blind but competes tethered to his father Buzz who is his guide. I have seen Noah run twice this fall, and both times I was brought to tears. When you look up the definition of inspiration and determination in the dictionary it says see Noah Carver. The love and trust between Noah and his father is palpable.

Noah Carver and his father Buzz Photo Chris Popper

Saturday, October 9 was the Red Riot Championship Race at Orono High School. Teams from throughout the area competed, including Orono, Washington Academy, Houlton, Machias, Bangor Christian, Mattanawcook Academy, Sumner, Dexter, Calais, Central, Lee and Searsport.

Ruth won, finishing 1:19.50 ahead of her competition which in cross country is a lot! She broke the course record.

This is where Cindy Moore-Rossi, the Cross Country Coach at Machias High School takes over

Watching Ruth run is an experience in itself. She runs with pure enjoyment, and I swear she never appears to even sweat. She seems to just float on air. Yesterday, she broke the course record with a time of 14:29:05. The crowd went crazy when she crossed that finish line.
She was awarded for her first place finish in front of a large cheering crowd. After the race all teams just go to their areas to pick up and prepare to load their busses.I was talking with another fine young man and his family…whom I love like family.Noah Carver from WA ran for me his freshman year, and he has run every step these last three years for the Raiders.Noah, and his Dad have run every step of those courses all season just like every other runner. Some of you might not know it but he is a blind runner who runs with the help of a guide.He has no fear, he knows commitment, he works hard, he never gives up,and he is another one of those athletes that is a CLASS ACT.We all were talking and laughing when this fine young lady walked up to him and stood before him with no fan fare, no special attention, and no fans.Ruth White asked Noah Carver if she could present him with her first place medal that she earned. I happened to have my camera in hand as I watched her act of kindness, and good sportsmanship unfold. That young lady took her medal off and placed it over Noah’s head. She told him how proud she was of him and she wanted him to have her record course breaking medal. I had my camera in hand and managed to get photos for Noah. His sighted guide, his father Richard Buzz Carver as his mother and his coach Suzanne Carver along with coach Carol Smith watched in amazement.I had tears dripping out of the corners of my eyes. Noah, knew instantly how important that medal was. He shook all over in amazement of this kind young ladies thoughtfulness. Let me tell you THAT young lady did this with no one looking on… it was from her heart that she did this.
Photo Cindy Moore-Rossi

The Orono Girls cross country team should win the Sportsmanship Award. But these two should be celebrated far and wide. When you look for heroes, look to Ruth and Noah.

So today, below like Ruth... Be like Noah. You may be diminutive in stature but have a heart like a giant. Have the guts, determination and trust to take on the day no matter what challenges you face. The world will be a much, much better place if we could just emulate these two amazing high schoolers.

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