Everyone has their own stories and experiences with the Crown of Maine Balloon Festival and I was treated to a unique experience. Some of the hot air balloons here for the festival took flight in Presque Isle in the early evening hours. I was at a soccer game at the athletic complex in at the middle school in Presque Isle and a few balloons came right over the field and watched the game mid-flight.   

Here comes Mr. Cyr to get some fantastic photos of the balloons. I can't wait to see his perspective. JC/TSM

As the game was going on I heard some comments from the bench about the balloons off in the distance as they began their ascent. The team from Hodgdon seemed the most excited to see the balloons because they don't get the chance to see the balloon festival in their part of Aroostook County. As the first few balloons got into their flight they appeared to be coming near the complex, but then headed northeast end of town.  

Balloon coming in right over the soccer field in Presque Isle. JC/TSM
The balloon needed some juice to keep carrying on JC/TSM

I was at the game officiating, so I had to pay attention to the action on the field with the backdrop of the balloons there to grab my eyeballs. Fortunately, my family was there at the game and knew I would want some pictures of the balloons taking flight. The second wave of balloons took off and a few of these took flight right over the top of the field. We could hear comments from people in the basket as they glided over the site of kids playing soccer, and providing a unique moment of joy.

A couple of the balloons landed in the fields right behind the complex. An amazing treat. JC/TSM

Thank you to the pilots that took the balloons over the Johnson Athletic Complex last evening. It was a treat for the players, fans, and officials who were there!

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