Long before Sean Spicer started hiding in the bushes to escape the press, SNL fans knew Melissa McCarthy’s return would be brutal. Ol’ Spicey’s already in the spotlight for SNL’s penultimate Season 42 promo, as McCarthy dances through Studio 8H.

Rather than wait for the weekend to trot out her famed Sean Spicer impression, McCarthy revels in an “I Feel Pretty” return to the sketch comedy series, eventually landing back in the makeup chair. Wouldn’t you know it, out pops Spicey from the dressing room, though we doubt he’ll prove so cheery by Saturday.

Accompanied by musical guest HAIM, McCarthy marks the second of three final shows for Season 42, which themselves were very-nearly shelved for a potential Writers’ Strike. Last week saw Chris Pine kicking off May with LCD Soundsystem, while May 20 will see future president Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson closing out Season 42 with Katy Perry.

Check out the promo again above, and prepare for some serious Spicey this coming weekend.

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