Twin Peaks creator David Lynch’s famed secrecy isn’t the only reason Showtime won’t confirm a date for its 2017 revival, as reports suggested Lynch wasn’t required to set one. Recent rumors suggested Showtime might have something to display at Sundance, but now an intriguing tidbit could place an official premiere closer to April or May.

Where previously Showtime could only offer a target date of early-to-mid 2017 (a more firm date is expected at the imminent TCA press tour), some worthwhile evidence has surfaced over on Reddit (via Welcome to Twin Peaks). Yes, we know, Reddit is hardly reliable intel, but in this case, photos of Showtime’s promotional wall calendar for 2017 place May as Twin Peaks month, with a special emphasis on Sunday, April 30:

At one point, the revival was thought to premiere in spring 2017 (and before that, 2016), though the most recent comments from Showtime boss David Nevins suggested a June 2017 target. At that point, Lynch was said to be “deep in the editing process,” and hadn’t even determined a formal episode count just yet.

We’re sure to have more updates in the coming weeks, but will Twin Peaks keep its mystery curtain right up until the premiere, whenever that ends up being? Will we wake up to find 18 new episodes (and some pie) under our pillows?

Stay tuned for the latest.

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