On Air


Hosted by TSMPI Staff

Marty has four loves in life: His three children, and racing. He’s done everything from club DJ to late night disc jockey in his 30-year career.


Hosted by TSMPI Staff

Since the first time he heard The Beatles and Rolling Stones on the radio, Shark’s never been the same. He loves sharing music & Rock and Roll history with 101.9 The Rock listeners.

Jack Kelly

Hosted by TSMPI Staff

As a young boy growing up in Nebraska Jack loved listening to rock music of all kinds. Jack says he feels so blessed to be able to do what he loves most, being on the radio.


Hosted by TSMPI Staff

For almost four decades, Dylan has been on the air lovin’ doing radio shows. Classic Rock music and artists have inspired Dylan since he was a young child.

UCR Weekends

Hosted by The Captain

UCR Weekends will take you into the interview archives of Ultimate Classic Rock with the stories behind the songs. Get lost in the moment with ’80s to the Max and UCR Backstage part of UCR Weekends