If states are in the business of banning plastic straws, why not ban a drink that you might consume through a plastic straw? Like a soda?

If you haven't already heard, a new ordinance was passed last week in Baltimore, Maryland that the only drinks that can be offered on a kids' menu are water, milk, and 100-percent fruit juice.

Did you notice a favorite drink missing from this list? 

No, you're not just seeing things, because soda has now been eliminated from kids' menus in all Baltimore-area restaurants and eateries.

That would also include Moxie, for the kids who love the Maine soft drink. 

The only time a child may order or consume a soda is if they're accompanied by an adult and if that adult orders one for them.

Does this sound insane to you? Well, it may be and then again, it may not be.

According to the website Stateofobesity.org, as of 2016, Maine's kids' ranked 34th out of 50 for being the most obese in the Union.

The combined overweight and obesity rates for children ages 10 to 17-years old were right at 28.2-percent.

As some people are aware, too much soda can cause obesity in children, but can also be to blame, even if in part, for diseases such as diabetes and tooth decay.

What do you think?

Has Baltimore breached the bow on this or do you think towns in Maine should adopt similar ordinances?

Take the poll and share your thoughts in the comment section below. 




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