Keeping these seven items in your wallet could spell trouble if they fall into the wrong hands.

I Bet I Don't Have Any of These in My Wallet.

This story makes me think of George Costanza's wallet on Seinfeld that was stuffed so full, he sat on a slant. But the things that are included in this story are not as crazy as some of the things that neurotic George carried around. Instead, they're every day items that you might have in your wallet or purse right now.

The world has changed so much in the last few years. I remember my grandmother's purse that always had anything you needed. Want to mail a letter but don't have a stamp? Grammy has one. Need some scissors to cut a tag off a new purchase? Grammy always has her little manicure scissors with her. She'd tuck her bills in her pocketbook so she'd remember to pay them which, these days, is not a good idea because they likely carry some sensitive information that you don't want to have fall into the wrong hands.

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Are You Talking About Identity Theft?

Now, we have to worry about protecting our basic information, so we password everything and install security on our computers. But often the best way for crooks to learn what they want to know is to simply lift your wallet. It can be a treasure trove of valuable information and free stuff.

Can We See the List?

Take a look down through this list and then through your wallet. Maybe when you're done, you won't be sitting on a slant like George Costanza and will feel more secure with your belongings.

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