So Def Leppard are the latest rockstars to join the faculty of Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas in April. They’re joining some other huge names like Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and Jeff Beck. Holy Cow! This got me thinking, who would be the ultimate instructor at a camp like that?

If I could build my ultimate rock band who would I put at each instrument. Well, let’s see, this could be fun. First the rhythm section: at drums I think ideally it would be Neil Peart of Rush. Come on, right? On bass guitar it’s got to be Billy Sheehan. Do I need keyboards? Not really. Plus I can’t really think of anybody.


On guitar I’d want someone who could play flashy but knows when not to play, someone who could play any style. That would be Joe Satriani. On vocals I’m thinking someone like Ian Gillan of Deep Purple. That’s some kinda supergroup if you ask me.

Who would be your fantasy band? Leave me a comment on facebook.

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