Maine is known for some pretty spectacular rocks and gems. I know that I have mined for some Maine Tourmaline located up near Paris. I also know the quality of that Tourmaline is recognized worldwide. Additionally, there is the Fourth of July Amethyst that was discovered in Stowe, Maine on Little Deer Hill. This Amethyst is also well known for its superb quality. But have you heard about Jasper Beach? Do you even know what Jasper is?


Oh my recent trip down east I was intrigued by a beach called Jasper Beach, outside of Machias. Jasper is a stone that comes in many colors and I was quite interested in visiting this beach to see exactely what all the fuss was about. The beach did not disappoint. It was quite overwhelming actually to see a full beach of Jasper. It truly is a mesmerizing sight.


The smooth colorful stones were piled so high upon my arrival I couldn't even see the ocean until I crested the top. After you cross the top of this beautiful mound of rocks, you can see the ocean and before you are billions and billions of smooth colored stones. If you listen closely you can hear the stones sing as a water washes over them and retreats.


Certainly worth a day trip. The beach is located in Machias port. It is beautiful, remote, and a must see. I don’t know how all of these rocks ended up just on this beach and not on another beach, but I marvel at the beauty and wonder of it all.


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