Have you considered becoming a soccer official? 

Soccer season is quickly approaching as some teams are able to begin practices starting next week. As the season comes into the picture the need for referees to ensure a future for local sports is real. Now is the time to seriously consider becoming an eligible soccer official. Classes will begin soon and there are a couple of ways you can sign up to learn more information.

Take it from me, an official 

First off, I have to give you, my pitch. I have been a soccer official at the local middle school and high school level for several years. Officiating has brought me to all corners of Aroostook County and has allowed many friendships to develop. The high quality of play makes this an exciting and fun way to stay close to the game and earn some extra income. With rising costs on everything, a few extra bucks each week could go a long way when Christmas comes along or you want to take a family trip.

It's a great side hustle

The startup costs for soccer officials are very minimal. You will need to pay for the class and your uniform which will consist of a shirt, shorts, socks, and appropriate shoes. Of course, you will need a whistle, flipping coin, and a few other small items, but you could have that investment back within your first week of games. The majority of soccer season is played from mid-August through mid-October. As you progress as an official you will be working at the varsity levels which play into the first couple of weeks of November.

You determine what days you work 

You can work as many games as you want or you can tell the local leaders that you have limited availability. Most middle school soccer games are played in the afternoon after school, although some play in the evening if fields with lights are available. Saturday's can be busy with games beginning around 9-10 a.m. and go right into the nighttime hours. My point is that there are plenty of games played at all hours and 6 days per week.

It's not the nightmare you think it might be 

The fans? Yes, there are a few loud mouths here and there but it is really not that bad in our area. I have found almost every school and town we cover has a respectful and appreciative crowd. The coaches are fantastic to work with and the players understand that the officials are needed to play their games. If there is a problem with an out-of-control fan, no need to worry, the administration will take care of the problem. You will not be fed to the wolves. As you begin your officiating career you will be partnered with experienced officials to help guide you, answer questions, and take care of unnecessary issues.

Will I be seeing you soon? 

Are you ready to become a ref? Here is how you begin the process. You can fill out this form and someone will contact you for more details or you can email your interest to brad_ala36@hotmail.com

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