After receiving three complaints over a three day period, the Campbellton RCMP have responded to people leaving pets unattended in their vehicles during hot weather.

According to the report, Mounties responded to three calls to various parking lots from Friday, July 20 to Tuesday, July 23.

It was visible to passerby's that the animals were distressed and required law enforcement to gain access in order to rescue the dogs from the hot vehicles.


During hot weather, pet owners should refrain from allowing the animals to stay in any vehicle that is unoccupied. Serious injury and even death can be the result of any animal left in a vehicle during hot weather. 

The Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act does allow authorized personnel to enter a vehicle to rescue an animal that has been victimized by the heat.

Should you come across a vehicle where the animal is in distress, you are encouraged to call law enforcement or other local authorities right away.




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