If albums were anthropomorphized, do you ever wonder what they'd think about each other? If you've ever had the wild notion, Queens of The Stone Age see that idea through in this funny new video. It's structured like a focus group, where an interviewer asks each other album in QOTSA's discography exactly what they think of the band's newest album Villains and boy is it something.

Josh Homme voices all of the albums, and his voices for each record are all spot on. He makes pretty great jokes about each. The self-titled is too high to give any kind of opinion on villains, Rated R just says "yah" over and over, and Songs for the Deaf refuses to listen to Villains because Nick Oliveri isn't on the album. You also get to hear what the lightbulbs on Era Vulgaris would sound like, in a pretty goofy part of the segment. It's a good time from start to finish.

Villains comes out this Friday, Aug. 25 and we've already heard a good portion of what's on the album. Last week, the group dropped their video for "The Way You Used to Do," which is a pretty awesome watch. Of that video, Homme said “It’s our way of paying tribute to Cab Calloway and the film Hellzapoppin’. I fully realize that may be a little more than some are open to, and that’s perfectly fine with me. There’s the door. If some of the more close-minded are gently pruned, that just leaves more room on the dance floor for the open-minded ones to get loose. That’s been the spirit of Queens Of The Stone Age and the space we’ve worked to create from day one.”

A couple months back, Josh Homme played probably the biggest gig of his life: a 6th grade graduation party! Video appeared online of Homme playing a variety of music for his kid Camille Harley Joan Homme. The show found Homme, his wife Brody Dalle and Nirvana producer Butch Vig rocking out to a cover of Cheap Trick's "Surrender."

Watch the focus group video above.

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