Halloween decorations aren't unusual this time of year until they start showing up randomly, with no explanation about where they came from.

Where Are the Pumpkins?

At first, people in my community of Orrington thought the mini inflatable pumpkins were directing people to a Halloween party in town. After all, it was just a few months prior when residents noticed purple balloons directing folks to a graduation party near Brewer Lake. But then, they started noticing the pumpkins all over town, with no apparent pattern.

Ghosts were the next to appear. Little white cloth ghosts with dark eyes that often, but not always, accompanied the pumpkins. No explanation. No reason other than the time of the year. Right?

Who's Mr. Pumpkin?

Then, perhaps the oddest part of this occurrence was when the Facebook posts started appearing on the Orrington community page. The user calls themself Dippy Do but likes the fact that they have been dubbed 'Mr. Pumpkin' around town. Whoever they are, Mr. Pumpkin asks trivia questions about the town and challenges people to count the pumpkins, encouraging them to watch for 'what comes next.' I will say it's been entertaining. Seeing the pumpkins always brings a smile, much like the American flags along River Road during the summer.

Isn't It a Little Spooky?


But, the other morning, I was driving to work in the fog and that little pumpkin and its accompanying ghost gave me a quick chill. As I turned from one road to another, the pumpkin caught my eye as it spun around, turning its jack-o'lantern smile into my headlights, with the ghost moving eerily behind it. For a brief second, I caught my breath before realizing it was just moving in the breeze. Or was it? Only Mr. Pumpkin knows for sure.

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