Prince's record label is reportedly suing Jay Z’s company Roc Nation for continued, unauthorized streams of the "Purple Rain" singer's extensive back catalog.

Prince’s NPG Records brought a lawsuit against Roc Nation, arguing the company took advantage of a deal Prince signed with them regarding Jay Z's streaming service, Tidal. Prince -- who was notoriously anti-streaming sites and had his entire catalog pulled from all but two of them back in June 2015 -- reportedly agreed to have only his album Hit N Run: Phase 1 uploaded to the music service, according to TMZ.

But NPG claims Roc Nation went ahead and streamed the vast majority of Prince’s catalog along with it — despite not having any legal authorization to do so. They reportedly began hosting the discography on what would’ve been the "When Doves Cry" singer’s 58th birthday, June 7, 2016.

NPG is currently suing Roc Nation for copyright infringement and hopes to remove all traces of Prince's catalog -- barring Hit N Run: Phase 1, which ultimately served as the late singer's final release before his untimely death -- from Tidal’s streaming service.

The lawsuit doesn’t disclose a specific amount of money they’re seeking in damages, but TMZ reports the list of unauthorized songs goes on for more than three full pages, indicating a win would be "enormous" for the label.

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