The Fort Fairfield Police Department arrested two people Tuesday for drug trafficking after they attempted to leave the scene of a traffic stop. The incident happened around 7 pm on Bryant Pond Road in Fort Fairfield.

Two People from Aroostook County Arrested

Thirty-six-year-old Daniel Boucher from Presque Isle was driving the vehicle and 30-year-old Cierra Soucier from Fort Fairfield was the passenger.

Suspects Try to Flee the Scene

Chief of Police, Matthew E. Cummings said Soucier tried to walk away from the traffic stop and attempted to “conceal items.” She was detained and police found her “to be in possession of Fentanyl.” Boucher also tried to “flee the scene on foot” and was stopped and detained. Police searched the vehicle and “items” were found.

Arrested and Charged

Boucher was taken into custody and charged with aggravated drug trafficking, refusal to submit to arrest or detention and a probation violation. He was taken to the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton. 

Soucier was arrested and faces charges for drug trafficking and violation of conditions of release. She had been arrested by Caribou Police four days earlier for possession of drugs. Soucier was transported to the Caribou Police Department.

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