On Tuesday, August 19, 2014, the Brunswick, Maine Town Council Chairperson released the names of the two finalists for their vacant Town Manager job.  Among those on the list was Presque Isle’s City Manager Jim Bennett. 

In a written press release Jim confirmed that he is indeed a finalist for the position.  “Brunswick is a wonderful community that my family and I know well.  The Town Manager position represents a great professional opportunity.  For 25 years, my wife has followed me to various communities throughout Maine that I have served.  With each move, we have relocated our family and had to start as new members of those communities.  While we have grown to appreciate how special each of those communities are, we have reached that point in our lives where we strongly desire to return home.  Brunswick is Deb’s home town and very close to my hometown of Lisbon,” stated Jim.

“One of the truly unique virtues of living in Presque Isle and the County for the last four plus years is the high value that community members place on families.  I trust that community members will see this desire to move back to my wife’s home town as the same dream they have for their family members that have moved away,” stated Jim.  “I have not applied for any other jobs and do not have any other immediate plans to seek any other positions in the foreseeable future.”

Mr. Bennett respects that this process belongs to the Town Council of Brunswick.  As such, he will not be making any further comments or responding to any other media inquiries beyond this written statement until they have completed their process.