Tonights Powerball Jackpot should be around $630 million because there was not a winner for Monday's jackpot. Someone will, hopefully me, but probably not, will start 2022 out with a bang.

First things first..... 'BUY A TICKET". You can't win if you don't play.

When you spend your $2 on a Powerball ticket your odds of winning are 1 in 292 million. Indeed, it’s a long shot but in my humble opinion it's worth the $2 or $10 simply for the dream of thinking about all the amazing things you will do with the money should you pick all 5 numbers and the correct Powerball number.

Did you know, statistically, When picking your numbers, doing the random number computer picking is often the best option. About 75% of tickets are quick pick and almost 3/4 of winners come from the computer "easy" picks.

If you win, keep in mind that the taxes are steep! You can expect at least 40% right off the top to be sent to Uncle Sam and State taxes if you live in a state that has state taxes, like Maine does, oh you get hit again with local income tax rates. Good thing there is a lot to go around!

If no one wins tonight (Wednesday) there will be another drawing on Saturday with an even higher jackpot, then again on Monday.... and who knows how high it will get. Maybe we can get it up to $1 Billion again.

Good Luck!

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