Portland Police are looking for help locating a man who stole a Ford Explorer on Cumberland Avenue that had a sleeping child in it.

According to a Facebook post by the Portland Police Department, a driver parked their red Ford Explorer at New York Fried Chicken to pick up their food and left their 3-year-old brother asleep in their car seat in the back.

Once contacted, Portland Police put twelve officers on a search combing the city in search of the stolen Explorer. It was quickly found in the parking lot of Black Bear Medical on Marginal Way with the three-year-old still asleep in the back and uninjured. An officer stayed with the child until the family arrived.

After investigating police learned that the Explorer was left running and has a keyless entry system with a push-button start. No suspect has been located and police are now asking if anyone witnessed any of the incident or saw anything unusual.

If you witnessed anything or have any information on the identity of the person who stole the vehicle, contact Portland Police at 207-874-8575 or anonymously on the Portland Police Department's Tip Line at 207-874-8584 and leave a message on the department’s Crime Tip Line.

I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to the Portland Police Department for acting quickly to put as many officers on the case as they could and locate the stolen vehicle and the child safe and sound. There's one family that will sleep easier at night thanks to their actions.

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