Police are looking for 33-year-old Francis Clark of West Paris who was carrying an ax on Elm Hill Road in Paris, Maine on Tuesday and is wanted on a warrant.

Man Carrying Ax Wanted on Arrest Warrant

Paris Police stopped Clark who refused to identify himself to officers. Police determined he was not “violating any laws” and “there was no justification for detaining them beyond the initial interaction.”

Taser Used and Suspect Fled on Foot

Police later learned Clark had an active arrest warrant. When he was located again, Clark did not comply with officers. A taser was used, but Clark fled on foot and escaped.

Law Enforcement said “No Threat to the Public”

Paris PD said “due to weather conditions at the time, the search was suspended, with no public threat deemed present.”

K-9 nd Drone Used for Search

A K-9 team already scheduled to train in the area and a drone were used to search for Clark on Wednesday morning.

Police Address Social Media Posts

Police said “contrary to social media reports, the individual was not seen waving a gun or believed to be in possession of a firearm, nor did they act in a threatening manner while carrying the ax.”

Police Looking for Information

Call (207) 743-9554 if you have any information about Clark and his whereabouts.

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