A lot of folks are really ready for spring this year! One of the signs of the 'light at the end of the tunnel' is when spring training begins to kick off baseball season.

But what will it cost you?

If you and your family have taken in a professional baseball game within the last year or so, then you know first hand that it ain't cheap. Especially if you like to take in the whole experience with the team jersey, hat, tickets, plus the food and drink and not to mention travel time, gas and possibly a hotel.

It can get pretty expensive.

Maddie Meyer, Getty Images
Maddie Meyer, Getty Images

Being a Boston Red Sox fan has been a tradition for many in northern Maine and maybe even for some in western New Brunswick.

But just what does it cost to not only be a baseball fan but specifically a Boston Red Sox fan, if you take in the whole experience?

Not sure if you know this, but according to the website playnj.com, the Boston Red Sox rank #2, only behind the Chicago Cubs, as the most expensive experience, if you take in every home game in the season.

Here are the top 5 most expensive and least expensive baseball games to watch at home.

Most Expensive Home Games

  1. Chicago Cubs - $15,722,77
  2. Boston Red Sox - $12,712.28
  3. New York Yankees - $12,547.04
  4. Atlanta Braves - $10,980.22
  5. New York Mets - 8,999.09

Least Expensive Home Games

  1. Los Angeles Angels - $4,520.66
  2. Chicago White Sox - $5,450.95
  3. Tampa Bay Rays - $5,502.05
  4. Kansas City Royals - $5,970.37
  5. Los Angeles Dodgers - $6,075.03

Pretty amazing how much it is to take in a home game at Fenway Park, eh?

Here's a great solution if you want to go to a home game in Fenway Park.

Sign up for a bus trip with us, Townsquare Media - Presque Isle. it's inexpensive and you don't have to drive or pay for the gas or put wear and tear on your vehicle. You don't even have to hassle with parking either.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

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