Plans have been dropped to build the world’s tallest flagpole in Maine.

Plans for the World’s Tallest Flagpole will not be Built in Maine

The $1 billion project proposed the Flagpole of Freedom to stand taller than the Empire State Building at over 1,400 feet. The flag would have been bigger than a football field. The development was planned to sit on 2,500 acres in Washington County.

Project Proposed to Bring 6 Million Visitors to the Area

The developers, Worcester Resources, also run Wreaths Across America. They are based in Columbia Falls, Maine. They planned to attract 6 million visitors to the sight each year and generate 5,000 jobs in the area.


Opponents to the Project

Opposition to the project said local residents were concerned about ruining the natural beauty of the region, and argued instead for direct services to veterans, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Vote on Development

A vote on stricter codes to prevent such large-scale development was set to take place in March. The land is overseen by Maine’s Land Use Planning Commission.

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