There's been talk about pot since Maine voters passed an approval of it in the election of November of 2016. But how do they feel about the taxing of it?

We recently took an unscientific poll and put it out to our listeners and those who frequent out social websites about what they thought about lawmakers in the state of Maine raising the pot tax from 5-percent to 10-percent.

According to those who took the poll, the results were pretty much divided right down the middle.

About 44.5-percent of pollsters said they were against the state of Maine raising the pot tax to 10-percent, while about 48-percent said they supported a 10-percent tax.

About 7.5-percent of those who took the poll said they were unsure.

Here are some things to look at regardless of where you stand on the tax.

  • Washington State - 37-percent
  • Oregon - 17-percent
  • Colorado - 15-percent excise and 10-percent sales
  • Nevada - 15-percent

I guess if you look at what other states are taxing marijuana sales, Maine may not be in bad shape. I guess you could say that it could be worse.

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