Many of us miss the mark when it comes to political correctness, especially if you saying something in front of well-meaning 'word police.' But now our kids?

Kids have a clever way of trying to get out of things, like chores and homework, as well as getting into things, like the cookie jar or your purse!

Here is where we want to equip you, the parent. 

When you are faced with what might seem to be a sassy comeback, after you say something to your child, just know that political correctness has trickled its way into their vocabulary also.

The website Ministry 127 came up with 'Political Correctness for Kids' that your little lovely may try to use on you. You can thank us for helping you to be in the know should you be blindsided with a P.C. comeback from your child.

Here Are Some Politically Correct Comebacks That Your Kid Might Use

  • Kids don't get in trouble anymore, they simply hit social speed bumps.
  • Kids don't talk too much in class anymore. Now they are just abundantly verbal.
  • Your kid isn't missing his homework anymore. Now his homework is having an out-of-notebook experience.
  • Kids don't sleep in class anymore. Now they are rationing consciousness.
  • For those of you who have kids in sports. They don't have smelly gym socks anymore. Now they're called odor-retentive athletic footwear.
  • If your kid is like I was, they take trips to the principal's office. But not anymore. Now they are taking a mandatory field trip to the administrative office.
  • Kids don't get into trouble for passing notes anymore. (In part because texting has become a big deal). But if they do, remember that now they are participating in the discreet exchange of penned meditations.

I'm sure there are others besides the ones listed above. The good news is that if they couldn't get anything past you, now they'll really be handicapped because you have been educated in the world of the new phrases brought to you by political correctness.

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